Wine of choice: 21st Century Bridget Jones

1009-bridgetAfter reading The One Handed Cook’s blog post today celebrating the return of Bridget Jones, 17 years after Helen Fielding’s first book ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ was published, it got me thinking, what would Jones be drinking these days?

Famously drowning her sorrows with Chardonnay (of the nasty, cheap, S.E. Australian variety, one can only assume) back in the nineties, I wonder whether she’s upped her game since her ‘happily ever after’ with Mr. Darcy or whether she’s stuck to her fashionable and predictable wine of the moment. Surely Mark taught her a thing or two? But since I hear that he’s been bumped off in ‘Mad About The Boy’ to make way for Bridget as a single mum with a toy-boy in tow, perhaps, the Darcy years are irrelevant.

Here’s my guess as to what B.J would be drinking this side of Y2K;

Most-likely: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
People LOVE it. LOVE it! It’s not bad, but I am a bit bored of it and am slightly concerned for the N.Z. economy if Bridget is indeed drinking this in the new book. Oz Clarke went so far to hold Bridget single-handedly to blame for the demise in popularity of Chardonnay. With Bridget’s track record, we wouldn’t want ‘the Bridget effect’ to hit N.Z S.B, afterall, 90% of their wine exports are Sauvignon Blanc.

Most-disappointing: Pinot Grigio
Please, please, please Helen Fielding, don’t have left Bridget back in the noughties. If Mark Darcy really has died, at least give her decent wine to drown her sorrows in.

Most-hopeful: Chablis or some other lovely Burgundy White
Darcy whisked Bridget off into the snow. They got married, reproduced and drank marvellous wine together, no? I sincerely hope that Bridget has stayed loyal to her Chardonnay roots, and now having access to the Darcy cellars can open a bottle of Meursault every other night to keep her warm without the love of her life. Please Daniel Cleaver, don’t interject here!

Least likely: anything red
Perhaps Sideways put her off Merlot along with everyone else last decade or as as a white wine preferrer, has only ever really liked Pinot Noir if red is the only option? Something tells me that even after 17 years, she’s still going to be tucking in to a bottle of white…or rose perhaps…oh no – surely not Pinot Grigio Blush?

So, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday, 10th October, when the book’s released to see…

This is Jo, for ‘Perfect Friday Wine’, signing out with a large glass of Chilean Syrah.


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3 responses to “Wine of choice: 21st Century Bridget Jones

  1. I think we should try and push her towards Riesling and Chenin Blanc! I think we’re on the same wavelength with NZ Sauvignon on Pinot G in general. Personally I don’t understand the NZ SB fixation, especially now I’ve discovered their magnificent Chardonnays!

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