Hi, I’m Jo – thanks for looking at my blog! I live in Berkshire, a county just to the west of London, in England and I started blogging back in October 2013, mainly about wine.

Why am I Perfect Friday Wine? You know that Friday feeling, you get home, kick off your shoes – it’s the weekend, let’s reach for the wine and relax (or perhaps party!) – one of my favourite times of the week! In addition, I started writing the blog in a spare hour or so that I had on a Friday lunchtime during a short stint of working a 4 day week when the kids were smaller. Nowadays, I blog whenever the inclination takes me and time allows.

I’m here to share my wine drinking experiences and hopefully demystify some of the more complicated aspects of wine as well as encourage you to broaden your wine drinking horizons (if you so wish!). Wine should be enjoyed without the pomp and circumstance and if you can understand a little bit about what you like, you should be able to choose a lot wiser when faced with a vast selection of wine either on a wine list in a bar or restaurant or in a wine merchant or supermarket.

Since starting the blog, I’ve met a lot of new people, started writing for a local magazine and learnt so much about a lot – building on my WSET  Advanced Qualification knowledge about wine itself, the industry and all about social media. I’ve drunk a lot of wine (for the good of the cause) and visited places that I may not have gone otherwise.

If you’re interested in joining us, a group from my WSET Advanced course continue to meet monthly for an informal wine tasting ‘The Wine Team in Twyford, Berkshire. Let me know if you’re local and fancy coming along.



p.s. All opinions are my own
p.p.s. Remember to drink responsibly

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